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Roofing and Restoration Tile for Sale - Salvage and Removal in Denver, Colorado
Recycling is one of the best ways for people to lend a hand to their community, and promote reusable material production. Roofing is not often thought to be a recyclable item, and the majority of owners tend to throw out their roofing material. Our professional staff can help you with your roofing salvage and removal. We also offer tile for sale for new construction or remodeling projects.

Raleigh Roofing & Restoration is prepared to provide roofing material for new roof building or remodeling, roofing removal or salvaging for individuals interested in replacing their old roof. Our sales and salvaging service can save you time, and often times earn you a little extra money for you old material. Depending upon the condition and usability of your roof, our professionals are able to salvage your old materials for use on another project. Help us recycle, Call us for any Salvage & Removal needs in the Denver area.

If you are planning to replace an existing roof, remove an existing structure, or plan on throwing away old tile, we will inspect the tile for possible purchase and removal of your tile. Many pieces of tile and slate are extremely durable and can be used on other projects. Please contact us for an estimate on the job.

Please contact mary@raleighroofing.com for all sales inquiries.

Slate Roofing

Natural slate has been proven to be durable and to last for many years. The slate instillation method also provides the versatility to create a wide array of design styles.

Miscellaneous Slate
Ecostar Synthetic Slate
Strata Gray Slate

Clay Roofing

There are many clay tile products and Raleigh Roofing has many resources to acquire and match these different varieties of clay tile available across the nation. Clay roof tiles are a great option for new projects or refurbishing an old roof, and they enhance the aesthetic appearance of a roof.


Brookfield Green Ludowici French

Brookfield Green Ludowici

Green Ludowici Shingle Tile

Heinz Hip Roll

Heinz Ridge Tile
Heinz Scandinavia
Heinz Spanish
Longmont Spanish

Ludowici Hip Roll

Multicolored Heinz Spanlock

Red Heinz French

Red Ludowici Closed Shingle
Red Ludowici French
Red Ludowici T-12

Wire Scored Cap and Pan

Concrete Roofing

While concrete tile options are very protective for a homeowner, and provide a versatile design aspect, they may not be as valuable for marketability as the options above. Concrete tiles are usually a cheaper, more affordable tile roof option.

Brown Wire Scored Shingle Tile

Red Heinz Spanlock Tile.

This type of roofing material is for sale by the square. Available nationwide. Please Call For an Estimate.

Red Ludowici Spanish Tile.

This type of roofing material is for sale by the square. Available nationwide. Please Call For An Estimate.

All tile material offered for sale from Raleigh Roofing is available for shipment nation wide. If you are interested in any roofing removal or salvaging, please contact us for location information. Raleigh Roofing will focus on local salvage and removal within the Denver, Colorado area. Please help us recycle valuable materials, contact us today!

Slate Flooring

Salvaged roofing slate for flooring - 1/4" to 3/8"

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